New York, USA

IM3 (Imperium3) Lithium-ion Battery Plant

The first of three battery plants that Magnis has ownership in, that will enter production. Fast tracking of production into 2019 for intially 1GWh

• 15 GWh (at full capacity) Lithium-ion Battery (LIB) Plant to be located in Huron Campus the birthplace of IBM in Upper State New York.

• Supported by New York State Government and leading global consortium of LIB specialists.

• Initial Grants and Funding to US$13.25M from New York State Government and announced by Governor Cuomo.

• Magnis has increased its ownership stake in this battery plant from 33% to 41% with the recent Imperium3 New York consortium strategic acquistion of battery plant assets and equipment from a previously established North Carolina battery plant. 

• Acquired plant assets consist of high quality equipment from major USA and European suppliers. Equipment to support slurry making, coating, cell assembly, formation, testing with modules for assembly and packing.  

• Minor plant engineering will be required incorporating Imperium3’s leading materials & IP processing technologies also introducing cylindrical LIB cells to the prismatic currently manufactured.

• The speed to production key – Initially Stage 1 production was going to be 3GWh. The recent strategic acquisition allows production to commence earlier aimed at 1GWh, then advancing to the full 15GWh capacity.

• Fast Tracking production will accelerate the following :

Marketing and qualification of our battery products to major OEM’s Original Equipment Manufacturers; qualification of our performance leading, low cost & sustainable materials technologies; and demonstration of supply chain viability & validation of high yield battery production.

• Binding Sales Agreements signed for 40% of 2019/20 production to be used in Electric Vehicle’s and Electronic Storage Systems.

Huron Campus site, New York

Cathode Welding machine, example of assets purchased in February 2018

Electrode Stacking Equipment, example of assets purchased in February 2018