Townsville, Australia

iM3 (Imperium3) Lithium-ion Battery Plant

Imperium3 consortium consists of Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd, C4V LLC New York and Boston Enerygy and Innovation (BEI).

•18 GWh Lithium-ion Battery Plant to be located in Townsville, Australia

• Strong state and local government support

• Feasibility Study completed and submitted to the Quuensland Government on 30 September 2019.

• Woodstock site selection completed – 400 hectares
offered for small equity stake in project

• Site contains all major infrastructure including rail,
power and close access to Port of Townsville

• Magnis will be providing anode materials and technologies using high-quality graphite.

Townsville City, QLD, Australia
Proposed site - Woodstock in Queensland, located on the Flinders Highway, approximately 40km from the Port of Townsville.