Townsville, Australia

IM3 (Imperium3) Lithium-ion Battery Plant

Imperium3 consortium cosists of Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd, C4V LLC New York and Boston Enerygy and Innovation (BEI).

•15 GWh Lithium-ion Battery Plant to be located in Townsville, Australia

•Supported and participation from Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:KODK). C&D Assembly (Incorporated New York) also participants in the plant.

•Strong state and local government support – Queensland Premier commits to funding

•Scoping Study completed, next stage is Feasibility to commence.

•Woodstock site selection completed – 400 hectares offered for small equity stake in project

•Site contains all major infrastructure including rail, power and close access to Port of Townsville

Magnis will be providing anode materials and technologies using its high-quality graphite. Eastman Kodak and C4V will provide the cathode material and manufacturing expertise. C&D Assembly, Inc. will provide the lithium-ion battery management systems.

Townsville City, QLD, Australia
Proposed site - Woodstock in Queensland, located on the Flinders Highway, approximately 40km from the Port of Townsville.