Company Overview

What is Magnis?

Magnis has rapidly moved into battery technology and is planning to become one of the world's largest manufacturers of lithium-ion battery (LIB) cells. Magnis will be responsible for the end to end supply chain in sourcing the raw materials including high quality graphite and associated technologies for these cells.

Magnis via ownership through global consortium iM3, plans to build large scale gigafactories in:

1. Australia / Townsville for 18GWh

2. USA / New York for 15GWh 

Magnis has the next generation LIB technology for both anode & cathode. The Magnis high performance cathode does not contain either COBALT or NICKEL. Our LIB technology provides significant cost reductions without sacrificing voltage, capacity or cell energy.

Magnis will manage the end to end LIB cell supply chain. Responsibility for sourcing the raw materials, associated technologies and components for our LIB cells.  With its partners, Magnis will assist with general project development and management of the gigafactories.

Magnis will contract directly with the supply chain vendors allowing consolidation of volumes across the multiple Gigafactories. This will drive further commercial advantage into the underlying manufacturing cost base with our global procurement strategy. 

In addition, Magnis has a world class graphite deposit in Tanzania known as the Nachu Graphite Project with high distribution towards natural flake graphite in the Super Jumbo, Jumbo and Large flake categories. The world supply of such categories is very low, making the Nachu project highly valuable.