Company Overview

Why Magnis?

Magnis is an Australian based company in the business of exploring for, developing, and ultimately mining natural flake graphite for use in various industries including in particular, batteries for storing electrical energy.

The flagship project is the Nachu Graphite Project located in south east Tanzania, circa 220km from the sea port town of Mtwara. The excellent purity levels shown at the metallurgical testing stages combined with the good proportion of super jumbo, jumbo and large flake natural graphite make the Project very unique and demands premium prices in the market.

Extensive battery testing has occurred in the past year on the Nachu graphite and outstanding results have been achieved to date with potential end users extremely interested in further examining the qualities and performance of the Nachu graphite to be used in the anode for lithium-ion batteries.

What makes Magnis a worthwhile investment?

Magnis owns 100% of the Nachu Graphite Project. The project highlights include:

  • Bankable Feasibility Study released 31 March 2016 with a post tax Net Present Value10% of US$1.69 billion with an internal rate of return of 98%.
  • Capital payback is projected within 14 months of first production.
  • Outstanding forecast operating margin of US$1,791/t and high margin for battery feed stock product.
  • Excellent Metallurgy with testwork delivering > 99%TGC and up to 99.6% TGC from basic flotation for sub-300 micron concentrate. Core sample tests from every diamond hole shows consistency with metallurgical results.
  • No downstream chemical purification requirement for Nachu concentrate = strong ‘green credentials’.
  • Battery Testing delivered outstanding results. A > 99.95% purity coated spherical graphite produced with ~75% yield from spheronising versus typical 30%-40% yield for Chinese produced graphite.
  • Average 220ktpa graphite concentrate produced over an initial reserve-backed 15 year mine life.
  • Great location, a well established mining jurisdiction and development ready, mining and environmental permits secured and fiscal stability with MDA established.
  • Mineralisation begins at or near to the surface.
  • No deleterious materials such as vanadium.