99.2% TGC Concentrate Achieved In Flotation Process

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  • Up to 99.2% TGC achieved in -300 micron concentrate product from scoping tests for modified flotation process.
  • Super Jumbo (+500 microns) and Jumbo (+300 microns) concentrates and flake size percentages unaffected in modified process.
  • Premium priced product achieved with no chemical treatment.
  • Simple process consisting of 1 rougher and 3 cleaner flotation steps.

Magnis Resources Limited (ASX:MNS) is pleased to announce it has further refined its metallurgical process to maximise the value of the product to be produced at its Nachu Graphite Project in Tanzania. 

A -300 micron graphite concentrate at greater than 99% TGC has been produced whilst maintaining the recovery and grade of the Super Jumbo (+500 microns) and Jumbo (+300 microns) product streams. The detailed design of the processing plant continues unabated with current refinements achieved through minor reconfiguration of the flotation process to ensure the necessary flexibility in future operations. 

Magnis CEO Dr Frank Houllis commented: “The ability to produce a -300 micron graphite concentrate at greater than 99% TGC without chemical purification means that Magnis has the ability to supply a premium product at a substantially lower cost than other producers.” 

“This achievement, is the result of current and potential offtake partners working closely with Magnis to satisfy themselves that Magnis can produce a premium quality graphite at the bottom cost quartile. Crucial to this outcome is the large graphite flake size at Nachu, which is a key ingredient in making premium products for emerging high technology applications.” 

In emerging applications for graphite, such as lithium-ion batteries, the grade of the graphite concentrate used can be just as important as the flake size. Magnis devised a series of scoping tests to determine the relationship between, grade, size and recovery within the operations of its preferred processing route. Scoping tests were performed investigating the impact of different processing options and parameters on the grade of the -300 micron concentrate product produced. In four of the scoping tests, final concentrate grades in the range of 99% to 99.2% TGC were achieved.

Dr Frank Houllis - Chief Executive Officer 

Magnis Resources Limited