Magnis’ technology partner, Charge CCCV (C4V) is a cutting-edge Li-ion battery technology company based in Binghamton, New York with expertise and patented discoveries in Lithium-ion battery composition and manufacture. C4V’s proprietary Li-ion battery technology and discoveries are well known for vastly extending battery life, greater safety, lower cost and charge performance.

C4V has discovered, patented, and commercially developed processing technology for next generation Li-ion battery cathode and anode materials, while jointly working with current industry giants in the electrolyte and separator space.
C4V has efficiently integrated commercial supply chain partners to fine-tune its innovative compositions, chemical structures, particle morphologies, and electrode processing techniques for tailored applications like EVs, grid back-up, aviation, and portable electronics.
C4V also provides value chain solutions for Li ion battery manufacturing through cell design and engineering, cell fabrication process, qualification of raw materials supply chain and cell fabrication equipment supplier, blueprint of plants and engaging with EPC contractors.
Magnis currently holds a 9.65% stake in C4V and have also licensed advanced Graphite processing technology from C4V. This proprietary technology achieved >60% yield from flakes to spheroids compared to the traditional process (~40%) after the spheronisation step with flexibility in product specifications.

For more information, please visit C4V