Frank Poullas | Magnis Energy Technologies

Executive Chairman

Frank Poullas’ commercial acumen, combined with his understanding of game-changing megatrends and technological disruption, has led to a successful 20+ year career in the technology, financial services and materials sectors.

Poullas currently serves as Chairman of ASX-listed Magnis Energy Technologies, where he's held the position for the past 10 years. Realising several years ago that lithium-ion battery technology would play an integral role in the electric vehicle and battery storage trend, Poullas was instrumental in transforming Magnis from a pure graphite miner to the vertically integrated lithium-ion battery and materials company it is today.

Frank also sits on the board of Magnis subsidiaries and partners, to name a few:

· C4V. A lithium-ion technology and intellectual property company in New York, USA.
· Imperium3 New York. A lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in New York state, with production set to begin in H2 2022.
· Imperium3 Townsville. A lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility greenfield project in Townsville, QLD, Australia

Frank's decision to create a vertically integrated business model and move downstream into cell manufacturing and battery technology six years ago has proven to be the right one, as governments and corporations around the world scramble to secure local supply and invest in key assets crucial to maintaining a sustainable supply chain critical in the decarbonisation megatrend. In other words, Poullas bet big on the right technology at a significantly earlier stage than the competition. Whilst in hindsight, the decision to overhaul Magnis' business model seems like an easy decision given today's enormous demand for lithium-ion batteries, it faced its fair share of criticism by those who did not share Frank’s vision, patience and foresight.

Luckily, Frank’s big-picture thinking won the day, and under Poullas' leadership, Magnis has grown from a $20m market cap to around $500m today.

Poullas has also spent the last 15 years providing financing and strategic input to a variety of public institutions, such as those working with or interested in lithium-ion battery materials, resulting in increased shareholder value.

However, for Poullas, it is not just about business and grand strategic plans. Frank is a sports nut who loves spending time with his family. He loves all sports, especially the EPL, NRL, NFL, NBA and MBL. He is an avid Arsenal fan, self-proclaimed 'foodie' and 'wannabe chef’.