Graphite Anode

Magnis has produced a 99.97% purity high quality, high performance coated spherical graphite Lithium-ion battery anode product from Nachu graphite feedstock using C4V’s existing commercial scale technology and facilities.

The unique features of Nachu graphite are:

- The production of this anode product does not require any thermal and harsh chemical purification phase with acid treatment (HCl/HF).

- The intrinsic crystalline structure with minimal imperfections and low in-situ impurities within the Nachu mineralisation.

- The anode product delivered outstanding battery cell test results, with favourable electrochemical performance across key criteria relative to leading natural and synthetic commercial graphite anodes available in the market.

Qualification of Nachu Graphite as a Lithium-ion battery anode

The main objective of Magnis’ qualification work is to demonstrate the ability to commercially produce a high-quality, high-performance Lithium-ion battery grade anode material which meets or exceeds end user specifications. Magnis has jointly undertaken the qualification of its graphite product offering with several prospective end users and supply chain partners.

Important aspects of the qualification included:

– Eliminating the use of harsh and toxic acids in the purification process (chemical purification)
– Reducing the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain and utilising existing commercially available technology to ensure that the performance is reproducible and that large scale production can be achieved quickly.

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By alleviating the need for intensive chemical or thermal purification Magnis has presented the viability of an alternative supply chain with a significantly greener approach. It also delivers the clear potential for Magnis to be amongst the lowest cost anode producers with one of the smallest environmental footprints globally.