iM3NY Lithium-ion Battery Plant

Magnis' subsidiary, Imperium3 New York Inc. (iM3NY), via its majority shareholding of approximately 61%, operates a world class Lithium-ion battery plant in Endicott, New York. iM3NY has commenced commercial production of Li ion cells in August 2022 and accelerating its ramp-up plans to produce 15,000 cells/day up to an annual production rate of 1.8 GWh with several binding offtakes already secured.

  • US’ one of the largest and independent home-grown lithium-ion cell manufacturing facility spanning over 167,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space
  • Aggressive future plans to expand the total annual plant capacity to 38 GWh over this decade
  • Exclusive rights in the US to produce Li ion cells currently utilising the proprietary cathode technology from Magnis’ battery technology partner, C4V
  • 95% of the power for the production will be sourced from the clean energy (hydroelectricity) producing greener and low-carbon Li ion cells
  • A primarily North American supply chain

Launched in 2016

Great performance in a future-ready form factor. Our 50 amp-hour (Ah) cell offers high energy density, long cycle life, enhance overall safety, and is suitable for mobility and energy storage applications.

  • Specific Energy 200Wh/kg
  • Energy Density 400Wh/L
  • # of Cycle >8000
  • Voltage: 3.9V
  • No Cobalt, No Nickel

Launched in 2021

Our N Series (currently under development) uses a biomineralized nickel-rich chemistry – providing one of the highest energy density cells in the industry.

This series will be ideal for EVs (including high performance platforms) and ESS.

  • Specific Energy 300Wh/kg
  • Energy Density 650Wh/L
  • # of Cycle >5000
  • Voltage: 3.75V

Solid State & Semi Solid - 2025

Solid state and semi-solid state are currently under development. These will incorporate solid or semi-solid electrolytes with our P-Series and N-Series cathodes to offer industry leading cobalt-free solid state batteries.

  • Specific Energy 500Wh/kg
  • Energy Density 900Wh/L
  • # of Cycle >10,000
  • Voltage: 4V

Launched in 2022

LiSER stands for Lithium Slim Energy Reserve. C4V’s LiSER technology encompasses an in-house patented battery cell design that allows OEMs to bypass modules and build the pack directly. This platform includes designs that include long and slim cells with super-fast charge and discharge capabilities without losing the energy density benefits. LiSER also allows OEMs to achieve maximum cell to pack translation of performance.


From manufacturing to automotive to your own backyard, our goal is to make energy usage safe, reliable, and green.

iM3NY battery cell technology provides enhanced safety and performance at the forefront of advanced chemistry over other commercially available Li-ion battery chemistries.

For more information, please visit iM3NY