iM3TSV Lithium-ion Battery Plant

Magnis Energy Technologies has a 33% stake in Imperium3 Townsville (iM3TSV) Battery plant, a Greenfield project in Townsville, Australia. Magnis is looking to leverage off the expertise from its Li-ion Battery Technology and Manufacturing partner Charge CCV (C4V) as well as the learnings from their New York Li-ion battery factory to deliver an Australian Lithium-ion manufacturing plant.

Key highlights of the iM3TSV project:

- Queensland Government funded ($3.1 million grant) for feasibility study completed and approved (August 2020)

- Townsville Project template for 18 GWh manufacturing plant being established at Lansdown Townsville. Proposed Plant to be developed in 3 stages – each 6Gwh reducing initial project capital and execution risk

- Major global partners and all forms of government supporting the project

Magnis’ technology partner C4V provides value chain solutions for Li ion battery manufacturing such as cell design and engineering, cell fabrication process, qualification of the raw materials supply chain, blueprint of plants and engaging with EPC contractors.

- Magnis will provide high performance anode materials for batteries to be produced at the iM3TSV project leveraging off their exclusively licensed anode technology from C4V

- iM3TSV project will create jobs and economic activity (approximately 1,000+ permanent local jobs and 2,500+ jobs during construction)

- iM3TSV will provide Australian-made energy storage solutions which will facilitate greater national energy security.

The planned 18GWh lithium-ion battery factory in Australia is expected to be the country‘s first giga-scale LIB manufacturing facility brought together by the technical expertise C4V bring as well as their qualified global equipment vendors and engineering specialists.

Not only will the iM3TSV serve as a significant leap forward in Australian battery production and energy security, but it will also have the potential to serve as a milestone for battery technology development worldwide.

What iM3TSV means for Townsville

As the iM3TSV project is expected to bring large-scale high-tech manufacturing into Townsville, the project once construction commences will contribute to economic growth and job creation for the people of North Queensland. When the gigafactory is completed and begins operating at full capacity, it will facilitate an estimated 1,000 local jobs. During construction, the project is also expected to produce approximately 2,500+ jobs. For more information and updates on the Australian-based lithium battery plant, you can check out the latest posts on ASX Announcements.