iM3TSV Lithium-ion Battery Plant

Magnis has a 33% stake in Imperium3 Townsville (iM3TSV) Battery plant, a Greenfield project in Townsville, Australia. Magnis is looking to leverage off the expertise from its Li-ion Battery Technology and Manufacturing partner C4V to deliver an Australian Lithium-ion manufacturing plant.

Key highlights of the iM3TSV project:

- Queensland Government funded ($3.1 million grant) for feasibility study completed and approved (August 2020)

- Townsville Project template for 18 GWh manufacturing plant being established at Lansdown Townsville. Proposed Plant to be developed in 3 stages – each 6Gwh reducing initial project capital and execution risk

- Major global partners and all forms of government supporting the project

- Magnis will provide anode materials and associated IP leveraging off their technology partner C4V

- iM3TSV project will create jobs and economic activity (approximately 1,000+ permanent local jobs and 2,500+ jobs during construction)

- iM3TSV will provide Australian-made energy storage solutions which will facilitate greater national energy security.